This is one of my newest images.  I took the shot in September when we went to Grand Marais, MN.  I was trying to get that illusive Moose shot and I did, actually.  Unfortunately, the Moose was doing what Moose do and it was in the woods on the other side of a pond behind a bunch of birch trees.  It was a huge bull and if it had been really sunny and the Moose had been in the sun then I would have had a great shot.  As it was, we got this cute little guy up at the end of the Gun Flint Trail in the Boundary Waters area.  Beautiful area. 

This image is not yet for sale on my site.  I will put it up in January or February.  If you are interested in it now, use the Contact us button or the Facebook button and let me know how to contact you.  I have it in a small Cutting Board and Mug at this point, but I can print it on anything.