Happy 3rd week of January all!

It gets cold and foggy here in Ellensburg in January so even though we moved here to get out of the Seattle gray, it is the same color over here when we have a temperature inversion and freezing fog.  

While being outside is no fun I spent the last week or so adding items to my website.  I hope you will visit and check them out.  

Today I officially added the Red Squirrels for both Minnesota and Montana to the cutting board list.  For the folks from Sequim and Port Angeles who have been asking forever, I finally added the Dungeness Lighthouse.  And no, we did not walk the 10 mile round trip walk.  We took the shot from 3 Crabs road in Sequim.  For those who have waited from Poulsbo I added the Black & White Raven and the Giraffe although I have still yet to add Sluys & the Poulsbo Harbor board.

So.. keep visiting as I will keep adding.  Enjoy!  Thanks,  Barbara

Giraffe Cutting Board Small

Lavender 2 Cutting Board Small

Loon Cutting Board Small

Poulsbo Harbor Cutting Board Small

Red Squirrel MN Cutting Board Small

Red Squirrel MT Cutting Board smalle